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How to take care of headphones

It is hard to imagine a day without headphones. And that is why you should know how to take care of headphones and understand that cleaning is a mandatory procedure. Otherwise, headphones will fail very quickly.

Clean your headphones regularly

Dirt particles build up in the headphones easily. It will damage the unit, in addition to being unhygienic. In order to get rid of dirt and clean the headphones, you must use a soft cloth and special cleaning liquid. Isopropyl alcohol can be used as cleaning liquid. The alcohol disinfects the headphone and removes any organic dirt. Earwax can also be extracted by hydrogen peroxide added to cotton wool. If the dirt is heavy, have the headphones cleaned by a professional workshop. They will be cleaned with a vacuum or compressed air. It is better not to experiment with the cylinders on your own – condensation may accumulate in them, with which you will fill the device.

Do not let liquids get inside

Even if the earbuds are claimed to be waterproof, do not clean them with water.

Do not wind the wires too tightly

Doing so can damage the wires, causing them to no longer conduct a signal. Instead, wind the wires around special balls (this way, they will be less tangled) or store them unrolled.

Don’t play music at full volume

Very loud music can damage your hearing and strain the sound system of your headphones. Because of this, they may last less than the prescribed period.

Store your headphones in a dedicated case

Throwing headphones in a backpack is easy but unsafe for the device. When the headphones are not in use, store them in a special case (usually sold with the headphones, but you can buy them separately). The case will protect against scratches, damage, dirt, and spilled drinks in the bag.

One more piece of advice, finally. You can check your model care specifics on the website of your maker before cleaning your headphones.

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