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How high should surround sound speakers be placed

The placement of speakers in the listening room is extremely important. In addition, even very expensive speakers may not produce the same supernatural sound that was in the cabin if they are incorrectly installed at home.

Installation height

The mounting height of a speaker or bookshelf speaker is very important and also important how high should surround sound speakers be placed. They should be placed at the level of your head in the same horizontal plane to ensure good sound reproduction. Although the speakers are usually the correct size, placing the speakers on the shelf can be more difficult. Stands are often needed. Avoid wall-mounted installations and inside closed furniture, in which case the bass level is artificially high. Not to mention resonances when furniture materials are not tested for acoustics.

Speaker distance

In most cases, it is accepted that the two speakers of a stereo system should be placed with a gap of 2 to 4 meters. This helps ensure good stereo imaging. Indeed, if the speakers are too far apart, the stereo image will suffer from insufficient intensity in the center. Conversely, if they are too close to each other, the stereo image will have too little relief. The distance between the speakers and the listening point should ideally form an equilateral triangle. The speakers should also be “tilted” inward for optimal stereo imaging.

Placement in the listening room

The walls of your room have an important impact on the sound of your speakers. The emitted sounds are reflected off the walls, floor, and ceiling with varying degrees of impact depending on the location of the speakers. As a rule, speakers should be positioned as far away from walls as possible. Moreover, we are talking about speakers with a rear deflector! According to various tests carried out by manufacturers, a distance of 50 cm from the wall is the minimum. However, some offer ventilation plugs to attenuate low frequencies so that the speakers can be placed as close to the wall as possible. The same is true with closed housings, which are less sensitive to improper installation.

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