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How to place a ported subwoofer

Ported subwoofers have a special opening in the casing through which part of the air flows out. A tube of a certain length is often inserted into this hole.

Sometimes there are several of them. Selecting the length of the tube allows you to adjust the correct resonant frequency.
In the process of amplifying low frequencies, acoustic resonance plays an important role and its main frequency, at which notes sound much louder than others. Correct tuning of the resonant frequency of the bass reflex allows you to get a higher efficiency of the speaker and beautiful, velvety bass.

The power of low frequencies

Low frequencies in the range of 20-200 Hz are distributed from the sound source evenly in all directions. Therefore, not very much depends on the location of the subwoofer in the room. Bass sound waves have very powerful energy. This allows them not only to bend around obstacles but also partially “penetrate” through brick walls and concrete floors. It is believed that you can put a subwoofer in a room anywhere, but this is not entirely true, and you should know how to place a ported subwoofer in the right way.

Right placing

Correctly place or position the subwoofer in the room should be to the right or left of the music center, slightly away from the front speakers. Place the subwoofer in the room on the floor. Placing the subwoofer against a wall enhances bass sound. Placement in the corner will further enhance this effect.

If you have two subs, it is much better to put subwoofers in the room if there are two of them. In the classic scheme, both bass units are located on the sides of the front speakers. To install two subwoofers in a room, follow these guidelines:

  • In the corners near the front wall of the room
  • At the front wall at a distance of 1/3 of the room width
  • In the middle of the front and rear wall
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